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Welcome to the FAB application process. Make sure before you apply that you have read and are aware of our rules.

Once you are familiar with our rules please fill out the form below and send it. Applications are checked for twice a week. Once you have applied your application is forwarded to our admins who then monitor and report on your behavior. These admins will then decide on whether your application has been successful or not. Depending on how often you play this process could take from a few days to a month. If you do not hear from us after a month you can assume your application was not successful. You may inquire as to why in our forum should you wish.

Please note we receive 5-10 applications a week, only a small portion of these are successful. If you wish to be successful you must play regularly on the server once you have applied and obey our rules.

All applicants have to play on the server a reasonable amount and be approved by admins before they are able to join.

All applicants have to be at least 18+, exceptions can be made if admins determine an appropriate level of maturity in younger applicants.

All applicants must respect and obey the rules as well as encourage their enforcement on the server.

All applicants will be active on site and forum

PLEASE NOTE  :   At the end of the form there are 3 questions to test your knowledge and understanding of our rules.  You MUST select the correct answer for all 3 of these questions correctly to be considered for a trial with FAB.

Your email address? *:
Your name? *:
Male or Female? *:

How old are you? *:
Roughly how many hours do you play a week?:

What is your nationality? *:
What languages do you speak?:
Have you been in a clan previously? If so which one?:
What name do you play under? *:
What is your level of Insurgency experience? *:

Were you recommended by a member? If so who?:
Why do you want to become a FAB member?:
The most important trait a FAB member can have is? *:

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