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One day back in 2006 Nikki got tired of admining for a bad server host So one day she decided she wanted to make her own clan..
She gathered any swat people she knew around and said that she is making a clan and would love to see how we can grow! Nikki spoke to the host she
was admining for that she would be making a VIP clan and asked if we could use his server as our home. The server host painfully said ok.
I worked many months recruiting our first line of Fab players and our server host started to get tired of my guys always in his server..
He also started getting involved in {FAB} and i didn't like that.. I decided one day to take the first major step and buy a server herself!
So we now have our own server and can run and grow things the {FAB} way!

Over seven years {FAB} has not only grown into a HUGE FAMILY of people but we have also managed to stay around for over 8 years..
Nikki with the help of all admins & players have taken over the FAB clan and made it all it is today...

Since swat has now died ( RIP ) we have moved on to a new game Insurgency! The family stays strong and hope to become a multi gaming Clan one day!

We have all grown together as a community and we all still continue to grow together and become even tighter then before.. It has now been many many moons and we are all going strong as a community
{FAB} Continues to grow everyday and people still want to join the FAMILY that we have all built to create

But I must admit with out all you in {FAB} I would of never started this clan. Your love and dedication for FAB will always keep
us alive and make us even stronger then we are! I look forward to many more years of having you all my loyal FAB FAMILY & FRIENDS.

- Nikki