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As a member or our clan or someone who plays on our server, you know that there are certain rules that you MUST abide by.  Our rules are what make our clan what it is.  Although you may not agree with the rules, or play on servers where these rules do not apply, this is no reason to not follow them.  Please carefully read the following rules that you   must abide by on our server.

{FAB}’s Server Rules:


1.The {FAB} Clan server is an ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY SERVER.  If you choose to speak anything other than English, you WILL be promptly muted.  We do not discriminate by race, but our server rules are such that English is the only language to be spoken in chat.

2. The {FAB} Clan Server is exactly that, our server. You join to play on our server, not advertise others. No advertising other servers is allowed, and this includes other teamspeak servers. We take this quite seriously. This includes telling people to go to another server when the {FAB} server is empty. You can join our teamspeak server at If you have problems you can post on our forum at fab-clan.forumotion.net

3. Any form of cheating, hacking and/or glitching WILL result in a BAN.  If you do not wish to find yourself on our BAN list, DO NOT cheat, hack or glitch. This includes The 'self arrest' command that is used for fun and frolics It is not allowed on FAB server, this is so people do not confuse innocent antics with hacking.


4.  Using bad/inappropriate language is NOT ALLOWED.  We provide a clean, fun server.  We do not wish to have others come and cloud our server with their foul language.  There ARE in fact younger players, and it is inappropriate to use bad language. "MF” is not allowed same goes for "f” that or "f” this. WTF and WTH are fine.


5. If you are team shot/tazed do not retaliate ever, report it to an admin. Team killing and tazing WILL result in either no weapons, or a kick/ban, depending on the discretion of the corresponding administrator.  DO NOT HARM YOUR TEAMMATES.


6. Purposely team peppering, gassing, flashing and stinging will NOT be tolerated.  If you are found to be repeatedly team gassing, flashing or stinging, you WILL be forced to use no weapons, or be kicked/banned.  AGAIN, DO NOT HARM YOUR TEAMMATES!


7. The .45 SMG has been DISABLED in our server.  The .45 SMG tends to lag the server, and also can be used to shoot through walls.  If you try to select the 45. SMG, you will automatically be forced to use the non-lethal shotgun until you switch your weapon.


8. Anyone found trying to recruit for any other clan other than {FAB} on our server will be MUTED/KICKED & possibly BANNED depending on severity.


9. You MUST respect the server Admins, along with its players.  Whether they are in the clan or not, they are guests, so please show respect.  Complaining about Admin decisions is not allowed.  If you are punished by an Admin for breaking the rules, DO NOT try to talk your way out of it, you will just find yourself in more trouble. Anyone found disrespecting Admins , {FAB} members, and/or others on the server WILL be kicked/banned. None of ths stop crying shit! :P


10. Please DO NOT accuse others of cheating or hacking UNLESS you have physical proof.  Take a screenshot (PrtScreen) or a Video and send it to an Admin’s E-mail or post the item in the Forum.


11. Killing and/or stealing arrests is PROHIBITED.

12.If you kill the VIP early you get Less Lethal for one round


13. Please note, window shooting is not permitted even to kill a vip... Remember - Never retaliate when shot at from an illegal window, report the incident to an admin.

Here are the windows that are not ok:

FoodWall –Nades are allowed though front and back windows. No Shooting from either window..

Meat Barn – Any window overlooking the main courtyard you cannot shoot from.. Windows inside are ok

Threshold Lab – The window at the bottom of the stairs back way looking into the lab.

Windows that go cross corridor on the ground and first floor, all others ok

Walcott – The windows that look outside

A-Bomb - Windows up stairs near bars..

Courthouse - Windows from roof to top floor

Powerplant - All windows ok..

You may nade out of any window




Camping can have many different meanings and technicalities, so to clear everything up, we have composed a list of DO’s and DO NOT’s of camping.

Camping is defined as when you remain motionless for longer than a moment to shoot or throw a grenade. Camping for longer than this amount of time is strictly prohibited.


Waiting = Camping. If you EVER find yourself WAITING at any moment, you are camping, thus breaking the rules.


Moving around in circles or circling around the same area IS CONSIDERED TO BE CAMPING which is NOT allowed. 


A) Suspects- If the
VIP has been arrested, you may camp AROUND the VIP, (within 5 meters or a tazers length ) but NEVER away from VIP.

 B) Swat- If the
VIP is stunned or being freed you may camp near him.  In addition, if there is smoke blocking a VIP’s path, you may wait with him, but please remember that the If the VIP chooses to camp you may not camp with him!!


If your team tells you "EXIT” over teamsay, this DOES NOT mean to go and CAMP the exit.  REGARDLESS if there is a VIP close or not, you WILL be punished for EXIT CAMPING in this situation.  The best alternative to this is to go engage the oncoming opposition.

If a grenade/gas/or flash has gone off in front of you, you may wait momentarily to see if any more are coming, but STRICTLY momentarily


***VIP IS NOT A MOBILE CAMPING UNIT.  Only under these circumstances may you camp with the VIP.***


These rules define our camping policy to a "T” for the most part.  Rules are rules and everyone must follow them whether you wear a <NB> tag, a <Elite> tag or anything in between.  Please, also remember that non-{FAB} members have to follow the rules as well


Spawn Killing/Nading:

Spawn killing, for the most part, is NOT ALLOWED, HOWEVER, there ARE certain circumstances where it MAY be acceptable. 


Example: For instance if the vip is near the suspect's spawn then you are allowed to cover him BUT IN MOTION. If vip is caught in the spawn area then swat are allowed to nade spawn but only while he is captured by suspects, as soon as VIP is released the spwan nading must stop!

While playing maps with garages (Brewer County Courthouse, Victory Auto Imports, Red Library Offices) you may, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, shoot or throw grenades into the spawn if a respawn has just occurred.

If your on suspects teams you may not go into swat spawn under any circumstances!


You may nade out of any window


Consider the VIP SAFE if he has made it back to the spawn.  It is your responsibility as a suspect to keep him stunned so that this doesn’t happen.



{FAB}Clan Rules:


All members must respect and obey the rules as well as encourage their enforcement on the server.

1 - Any FAB admin must identify themselves to a FAB member if they request identification.  This goes for SA and A.. ALL FAB members must use their full tags at all times

2 - All "A" Admins must play with tags

3 – Admin’s are expected to endure the decisions of the server as any other player.  You may not switch vip from yourself just to avoid VIP duty.

4.  If you have an issue/disagreement/or comment to make about an admin or another {FAB}member then please keep that issue out of the server/Shoutbox and take it to the foum by making a post on it!! The server and Shoutbox are not for complaining..

-Forum is the ONLY place to discuss inter clan affairs, if you choose to discuss in server or Shoutbox you will be punished accordingly.

-If you cannot access the forum are your forum I.D restricts you from seeing certain parts of the forum please contact Nikki or Outkast so we can update your I.D to see those sections.

5. If you are a member of our clan, you abide by our rules.  Our rules go with you to other server you may play on. You do wear a {FAB} tag, so make us proud.

6. If you are a part of {FAB} you may not be in any other clans.

7.   If you are going to leave the clan, please e-mail an admin and we will remove you. 

8. Clan members are expected to communicate and report during the game to their fellow players.  'my cam' does not constitute reporting.  F keys like , exit, front/backway are the bare minimum.  Members are expected to report and communicate as and when they can in game.  Any member who chooses not to communicate on a consistent basis will be demoted and eventually asked to leave the clan. 

9.  FAB members are expected to put their team goal ahead of chasing points. When members of the SWAT team, FAB players must never waste time arresting a player whilst their vip is caught. Any FAB member seen doing this will be automatically demoted and if they continue, eventually asked to leave the clan.

10. If you are shot at from an illegal window, do not return fire under any circumstances.  Report the incident to an admin, never window shoot in retaliation even if it means your death. See what windows are allowed and not allowed, they are up above in {FAB} Server Rules section.

11.If you kill the vip for being greedy you will get 3 rounds Less Lethal, If an admin deems necessary then you may get no weapons.

12.  All ranks SCL and higher MUST be logged in with backdoor pass.

13.Dont start the rounds!!

Promotion Process:

Don’t Ask for Promotions you might get a demotion!! Promos are awarded monthly so check the site often for updates

Promotions are awarded on a combination of several things...in no particular order...
-General attitude and amiability.
-Time spent on server - Must be playing in tags with full rank
-Technical Ability
-Teamwork - Communication, Covering team mates, not chasing points...etc
-Social contribution on the homepage and forum
-Contribution to the clan dynamics such as offering support and telling non {
FAB}members about our rules in the server.
When you are looked at for promotion all these factors play a part in the decision.

Everyone must be treated equally and the admin’s collectively contribute towards every decision. For example if more than one admin reports you as having been stealing arrests or not covering/communicating or generally have a bad attitude or teamwork issues then it is extremely unlikely you will get promoted EVEN if you have been playing a great deal. If you really have a query about your promotion then you may speak to a senior admin and ask for the reasons you haven't been promoted.  Do not whine or complain just simply ASK.


Please remember we always try to be fair...and whilst you might find it easy to get from NB-SCL real quickly, but being promoted from SCL to CPL will normally be a far longer process than the previous ranks as you really will have to show us how good you are at following and enforcing the rules!

All members will be active on site and forum